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Because Your ​
Patients Matter.

We offer onsite blood draws and other specimen collection for both routine diagnostics and specialty tests. Let us come to you, in your preferred setting, for no additional costs. ​

 70% of all medical decisions are based on information provided to caregivers from diagnostic testing. The need for diagnostic testing is expected to continue to rise by 10% per year over the next decade. ​

However, due to the inconvenience and costs of collecting and processing specimens, it is estimated that approximately 30% of lab orders are never completed. For the elderly and other vulnerable patient populations, mobility, transportation and limited access to lab services all create barriers to fulfilling lab orders and providing better informed care for patients.​

Our goal at Inspire Labs At Home(IL@H) is to increase the percentage of lab orders fulfilled and  improve patient care by creating a  cost-effective, diagnostic testing model  that brings these vital services directly to your patients’ doors.

Certified Phlebotomists

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our experienced, certified phlebotomists. Our caring staff is hand-picked to ensure industry-leading service and expertise in our lab’s requirements, and protocols, including methods of collection, specimen handling, processing, and delivery. ​

We directly employ our full-time phlebotomists, allowing our compliance team to ensure that our technicians are up-to-date ​
on all certifications, licensure, and continuing education requirements.


Lab Operations

All lab specimens are processed in our CLIA-certified laboratory or by one of our reference partner laboratories, utilizing the best-in-class science to ensure fast and accurate results.

Inspire Labs@Home is a diverse team of experienced, professional medical and support staff committed to excellent customer service.  We are fully committed to upholding the highest quality standard of excellence in home healthcare.

Talk to us today about how we can help you provide convenient lab services to your patients.

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