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About Us

for Better Healthcare


Inspire Labs@Home is a division of Inspire Diagnostics, a CLIA certified high complexity lab based in Lake Forest, CA. Our parent company, Inspire Health Alliance is a managed services provider and consultancy to the healthcare industry.  ​

Inspire Health Alliance works with healthcare providers ​
to introduce innovative care models that improve healthcare outcomes, lower costs and reduce risk through the integration  of  rapid advancements in technology, AI, logistics, telehealth, EHR and mobile applications, all combined with domain expertise.​

Diagnostics testing models have evolved rapidly in the era of COVID-19.  As a leading innovator in both online and onsite COVID testing, Inspire Diagnostics is uniquely positioned to create a disruptive model for lab services that focuses on reduced cost, ease of use and better outcomes for both patient and provider. 

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Inspire Labs@Home

Diagnostic data plays a vital role in enabling healthcare providers to deliver the utmost comprehensive and exceptional care to their patients.

At Inspire Labs@Home, our unwavering commitment is to provide exceptional care. We deeply understand the significance of phlebotomy services in supporting doctors and healthcare professionals, and we approach this mission with a foundation of compassion.

Our team is a diverse collective of seasoned and dedicated medical and support personnel, all of whom are deeply committed to delivering outstanding customer service. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, ensuring excellence in every aspect of home healthcare.

Currently, we proudly serve the Houston and San Antonio metropolitan areas, and we accept all major health insurance plans, further enhancing accessibility to our exceptional services.

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